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Saturday, January 30, 2010


My first holliday, on the beach in Annerly, Natal, with my two older sisters behind me.

According to my mother, this was the first photo taken of me. ...I was lactose and wheat intollerant and suffered from excema. This apparently cleared up within a few days of humidity and bananas dipped in sea sand (wonder if it works for wrinkles?)

Hmmmm ...early childhood maternal grandfather, without a tooth in his pip, and baggy, braced-up pants, playing 'Dicky Bird' with moistened paper stuck on his nails.

Stripping naked with my sisters and sitting in the road, having a whale of a time in the run off after a heavy rain; long walks in the veld with my dad and sisters. My father called me 'Tail-end-Charlie' as I always lagged behind having got distracted by 'tok-tokies' and dung-beatles. I remember really wanting to try out a Tsamma melon...I hadnt started school yet. My father often used to carry me on his shoulders on the way back...he said its because my legs got tierd but I recon its because I wanted to see over the tall grass and feel asif I was flying.
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