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Friday, April 23, 2010

I've started this but right now do not know where its going....just going to let my imagination to its thing

The period and storey is a bit in keeping with the drama of our current day SA...ghosts of our past, conflict between new and old, mistrust and ignorance...the vast differences between cultures, needing to co-exist by virtue of its history....and in spite of it!
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I wish that I knew how to use my camera properly!!!!! This would have made such
an interesting picture...
This moth was resting on the glass ..almost looks asif it was placed in the sky

This other little chap/ lady, was caught on the patio, helping itself to our cats food. My son
took it to his girlfriends house with the intention of offering it as food to her really large and agressive 'dragon' thingy...fortunately, he was released in the neighbouring veld to make lots more little chaps/ladies.
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Friday, April 9, 2010

This is not a sight that mothers enjoy seeing...a thick hooked-end of a 15 cm pin protruding from her sons shoulder...and it moves for Heaven sake!!!!!

Eeeeeeugh!!! Six weeks of this. Fortunately/unfortunately, he's young enough to think that its really 'cool'. He was walking around with his shirt off, the reaction of his cousins being a morbid facination and got a respectful "hauw" from our Malawi domestics.

It looks really rough!

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Monday, April 5, 2010


My 15 year old son had his collarbone broken in a tackle on Saturday in Pietermaritzburg.
Tomorrow he is having a screw put in and will be pretty much out of everything for at
least 6 weeks.

He loves the sport but every game for me as a mother, is another grey excersise in faith.....a huge amount of breath-holding. I wont discourage
his passions. He needs to walk his own path and create his own life journey. All I can do
is love him, pray for him and be there for him.

His team mates are really upset, but the coach has asked him to assist him for the season,
possibly do some light fitness with them after the skrew is removed.
Everything happens for a reason.
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Sunday, April 4, 2010

I took photos as I walked around...was a bit nervous of being stood on by the numerous horses that seemed to be vying for my attention. This old girl almost pushed me off the wall with wanting to be patted and cuddled

Trees are my spirit protectors..I love them, they are majestic, protective and life-giving.
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My son had a rugby festival in Pietermaritzburg
My husband and I stayed at a friends Natal Midlands

B&B and farm. This is the little male calf that resides on their
stoep. The cutest little thing...but sadly already
ear-marked for his pelt!!

Recon, there are some days when becomming a 'Vegan'
makes perfect sence

The Natal Midlands is one of the most beautifull
places in South Africa...walking around this farm
I was struck by the colonial past that still
eminates in the culture, buildings, and people of
the area. Its peacefull, beautifull....and I was followed
around by 9 horses...I think mostly friendly
polo ponies ...and of course, the little calf and two little
Jack Russels. My daughters had horses for a few
years...I miss that time and I miss riding. I love
the feeling of being one with such beautifull animals....and the bond and sence of trust that forms between man and beast.

The little (and very unpopular) Vervet monkeys
who started shaking the braches and ?? throwing
sticks at me while trying to photograph them. They
are a huge nusance in most Natal homes...opportunists
and cunning little thieves, they will suddenly appear on your
breakfast table and dart out of a window in the blink of an eye
with the contents of your plate.

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This was a nightmare to do, trying to reproduce someone elses style...especially this style!!!!....Not quite finished, I ended up compleating this one hanging from the railing because working on a flat surface, the perspective is hugely distorted. The end product was only just satisfactory in my mind (Fr Johnathan loved it, so I guess thats all that matters)
I recently got a commission from our parish, St John's. I had to paint four large pieces for the Easter period/celebration, two banners, one fabric painting (a canvas would have been too large) and another smaller oil on canvas. The references came from the Jhb (??) diocess, so didnt include much of an 'artistic' experience. The technique is not in keeping with what I'm used to, so in that aspect, I enjoyed the challenge, as I always do...also, the time constraints were a bit preasurising....but I like to work towards a time goal once in a procrastination is allowed!!! I am such a dreamer....hugely distractable!! My studio looked like a bomb had gone off...complete with me standing in my pallet.

These are the three compleated works. pegged them to my railing to dry.
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

We had a Bosman poetry reading eavening which was very good, given by the locals. These people
make their pocket money by having Bosman events, readings, etc. An eccentric Bosman follower, Egbert
often spends days of solitude with his full pipe in the bushveld/mountains around Marico

Our dinner in Marico consisted of a rich and tasty beef stew cooked in traditional African pots over open fires ..and dancing afterwards to the tune of four marimbas and african drumming.

My artworks were a journey on their own. I explored my own femaninity with the use of pinks, violets, florals and some multi-media.
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Two weeks ago, I attended a four day 'sound-in-art' workshop at a farm called River Still, in the Groot Marico district, home of well known, controvercial South African author (and convicted killer) Herman Charles Bosman. (For anyone wanting to understand the deep nature of the Afrikaaner soul, his books are a must. A highly intelligent, artistic and complex soul) It was attended by 16 other artists. The setting couldnt have been better. Although exceptionally hot, we had the deep, green but refreshing Marico river to plunge in to. A labyringh was built a year or two ago by a friend and artist which is used to re-ground...or in my case...loose the plot...people needing to reflect!! There were some pretty annimated oppinions by Labyrinth loyalists about the 'square' structure built in the centre by the concerned and well-meaning owner.

The days were filled with drum and sound workshops, the latter being held next to a running river, lying down, eyes closed and just listening.......sounds made from a large variety of local and internationally made instruments, all making very specific and unique sounds. one instrument sounded like a whale and this ......out of the entire array......touched me deeply. Nobody else had heard it!!!!!!!! I went back to the collection and facilitator (who himself didnt know what I was talking about) and I played every one till I heard it and knew which one had made the sound.

We drew, painted, charcoled, everything related to the concept of how sound impacts on visual art. A very interesting journey for me personally (on all levels!!) and one which I would happily repeat.

The house we stayed in, was one of the original old farm houses. We slept outside on the open patio and were compleatly blanketed by the stars of the dark Marico nights. Idyllic but for the gunshots of some barmy hunters!!