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Friday, January 13, 2012

Strawberry farm in George

One of the treats we had recently as a family, was a trip to a strawberry farm near George on the garden route, Western Cape.

We picked our own strawberries at R25 per person/large bucket.
I have attempted to grow strawberres for a whle now.......I could see how to do it rght.....furrows and lots and lots of water, compost and black plastic bags.

It had other things enjoyed by families, especially for young children, like a train that runs through the strawberry fields, a lovely tea garden (obviously serving scones and yum home-made strawberry jam), various farm animals and a well-stocked shop with all sorts of strawberry products and foods.

Just too hard to resist!

These were the best strawberres that we'd ever eaten! There wasn't one that was remotely the time we'd got to the men, there was a huge dent in our pickings!

This picture in no way, does the real thing any justice...we just couldn't stop ourselves.

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