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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Canned Hunting

Recently, we visited a reserve called 'Jukan Wildlife Predator Park', located a few kms outside of Mossel Bay.

This is one of the two rare and endangered white Bengal Tigers being looked after.

When I say being looked after, its not a flippant statement. Jukani came to the rescue through a R500 000 donation by a kind-hearted tourist, after a desperate drive to acquire funds to buy him outright and spare his life.

The male tiger, 'Angelo' has congental retinits (from what I remembered) and is unable to breed. His fate was to be part of a canned hunt, as, I believe was the female's.

One may argue the point that R500 000 could go a long way in feeding the hungry or housing the homeless....that's not the point. There are many aspects to humanity...and certainly no starting or finishing point in the Lords creation. Every life form has reason and purpose and is vital for our very existence. Who of us can question Gods Divine plan in creation....where he sends angels to protect a mere donkey from a beating

Reading up on canned hunting has made me feel ill!

In most cases, the big cats/animals are hand-reared, i.e. being bottle fed as cubs, raised with lots of human contact, being hand- fed and petted.

In a canned hunt, they are in enclosures and are often lured to humans (I use that word loosely here)/hunters under the impression of being fed.......and are then shot at point-blank range, If they are only injured by the the inexperienced little wally with the big gun, they then have no means of escape.

South Africa's cryng "foul" to the slaughter of our rhino but our hypocrytcal government endorses canned hunting of lion and leopard etc. Let me explain: In November 2010, The Supreme Court of Appeal, ruled in favour of lion 'breeders' continuing the practice of canned hunting. The Predator Breeders Association have 123 members (now, maybe more) who, between them, have 3000 (now, maybe more) captive-bread lions in their faciltes.

As with rhino horn, lion bones and body parts are used prolifically in Asian medicine...... The message, loud and clear: PAY US ENOUGH AND YOU CAN DESTROY OUR WILDLIFE.

What possible gratification can the 'hunter' have in that??? That's not a hunt. That's just a barbaric, cowardly act of an un-evolved primate with too much money or a dithery act by someone with mental capacity of a mitochondria!

Hanging a stuffed head of an animal, any animal, on one's wall, is merely a testimony and trophy to ones narcissistic, egotistical personalty...... of someone with Napoleon syndrome who's insecurities are bolstered by destroying life, who's obviously absence of self-respect has created an inability to respect anything and anyone around them............. who's gonads possibly resemble shelled peanuts which have been in the sun too long.

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