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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Complete and incomplete

Yay, at long last, all the 'holes' have been filled. Not perfect, but I love the colours that comes into the passage from the sunlit rooms .
At last, I'm ok with personalising our home with arty stuff and I love the freedom of being able to just DO. This is just the start! :o) Watch this space.

This one was for my middle daughters bedroom. She didn't want a specific theme, so it was a bit difficult to decide what to do...keeping it feminine but simple. My eldest daughter wanted pinks and fairy's and butterflies and of course, my son is nutty about golf.

This is what I'm working on at the moment. Its veeeeeery intense. There's lots of little dots and lines and subtle shades. I find that when I'm working on something like this, I need frequent periods where I need a distraction not only because of the concentration thing, which is quite a challenge sometimes, but because my eyes are not what they should be. I have stigmatism and doing this type of fine stuff, I dont blink as often as well leaving me with eyeballs so dry that its not uncommon to find an indentation on the surface, Nothing that eye-gell cant fix but long term, not great.

A little closer to deciding whether or not to study: A friend has gone so far as to get me in touch with a lecturer at a local university. I'm meeting her on the 31st and hopefully between her and a lecturer from UNISA, I can make an informed decision. A big one for me!!! But, I have a dream..............................................
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Something New

I havent blogged for quite a while now. Its been an emotionally turmultuous three months and has
left me with little desire to share anything let alone my emotions.

Possibly having shared too much in the past has left me feeling very vulnerable and fervently adament
that I wont be doing it again in a hurry.

For the first time in my 46 years of life I have tasted the raw pain of having to just walk away from something, without reason, or understanding. My simple life has suddenly become very complicated and I'm having to deal with things that I never knew existed and have never before encountered.

I find that I'm consumed with trying to make sence of things that have in the past never ever been a consideration for me, and Lord, at my age, I'm truely battling.

However, life is what it is, and I embrace it all. I am busy with yet another old master, something which I really enjoy doing, for all its
intensity and lack of inspiration and flair. Its rather the process which I am enjoying, the learning HOW to
paint and in a way, the meditation and patience that comes with doing this type of work.

I'm breaking the intensity by doing stained glass windows for all the doors downstairs.
I have never done this before nor have I ever been shown how, but I'm having fun learning and am so enjoying playing with a new toy. I havent concerned myself with mistakes, and making huge, 'blapses' but have just gone with it and installed it regardless. Possibly a frank reminder of where I am at psychologically. mmmmmmm

I have decided to study a BVA (batchelor of visual arts) next year and have an awsome mentor (or three :o) ) that are encouraged me to just do it. I havent studied in a few years. Possibly going to have to rely on a few head-stands and Omega 3 to get the blood up to those dusty passages again. My long term goal being to work in the belly on an art musieum, restoring paintings. Boring for
some, but a privelage and possibly lucrative for others.

Will post my other bits and pieces once done.
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