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Saturday, May 22, 2010


My precious 20 year old daughter, who is probably responsible for 80% of my grey
hairs, walked in today with a trophy..."PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR" from the Hotel school through which she's studying. Its pretty much a trophy in recognition of the person who she is and who she has been all her life...the independant, spirited soul that is ........and has always been, my beautiful gift from God.

As a baby of six months old, she insisted on feeding herself, as a little girl of 4, she flatly refused to wear corduroys, as a teenager of 13, was the noise and life our home...often getting into lots of mishchief and into the resulting trouble, as an older teen, said her say nomatter the anger it caused, and now as a young woman, with all my heart, I celebrate the person that is my daughter...and every grey hair on my head!! How I love her and nomatter where her life journey leads her, I know she has been created perfectly...just as she is.
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The Tibetan monks have arrived in South Africa
on a mission of compassion and peace. Their Mandala
will be compleated today but these photos were taken
during the week.
What an awesome experience. They exude their
message in the aura of tranquility one experience
on entering the building. Absorbed in their task,
there was still time for a kind and welcoming smile.
Watching how they painstakingly, bit by teeny bit,
get the sand into place in exact amounts, forming perfect

They epitomise humility and likewise, I experienced
this. May the Lord, Prince of peace, love and compassion,
see their hearts and bless this mission of theirs.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mothers day is not a day I bother about too much as I feel that our blessings are tangible daily in just being able to share the lives of our children and our mothers. This year, however was just somehow more special for me. My beautifull daughters made their gran and I a lovely breakfast, a little gift was placed in our plates and flowers picked from our garden carefully placed next to it...I was so touched and felt so blessed. We all prayed together that morning.
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My 15 year old son had his pin removed two days ago. This morning he had his shoulder rubbed by his grandad and I thought with gratitude and love, that it is times like these where we are called to value and remember the important things in life, how a small gesture of love and caring can imprint on our lives forever.
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