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Friday, July 13, 2012

Lessons in the veld

Not too sure where the Drakenzigt 'resort' is located but getting there required around two hours of rough and dusty off-roading.

It's located about 60km from Dullstroom.......via a "short-cut" of a winding rocky sand path over the mountains which I'm sure, was only meant for committed hikers and donkeys.

It's run by a couple with two young boys and consists of some tired looking accommodation, an unused swimming pool and a 'links' golf course.

I haven't played golf in around 5 years, but if I had, I would have used up a bukkie-load of balls and very likely, would have lost my clubs too!

Playing golf here, on this home-made nine-hole course, sets you back by R150...incredibly steep considering that there's not a whole lot to maintain except for the tee's and greens. Not a value for money exercise!

In stead, I wondered off to do a little drawing and exploring.

One of my favorite things is to go walk-about on my own...not ideal in this country, but there's something about being completely on your own, in body and mind that brings you into the realty of who or what you are. The silence around you allows the inner-self to talk and reminds you of what is real and what is not, what matters and what never has.
Peace becomes tangible and is not just a word.

I wondered off the path, making my way to a ridge full of flowering aloe' know when, for no reason, you are drawn to something???.....well this was one of those times.

The only problem was, that I was not wearing my hardy hiking shoes and had to negotiate my way through the thickest grass that I've ever seen. My feet literally disappeared, up to the knee, into a thick bed of white, gold and grey,crunchy, dry grass. Eventually, I was stumblng around like a drunkard, slipping off unseen rocks and into unseen holes. My concern was that one of those holes could be housing a fat, aggressive puff-adder!

So far and no further!???

As in life, things that seem easy and conventional usually never are.....there are always things we cannot see coming or predict. We walk anyway, anxious but resolute....always hoping that the hardship will prove to be worth t.

Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't. Fortunately, faith and hope and an indomitable spirit of positivity, always brings us back to ignoring the potential dangers, face the unknown again....and just keep walking.

We drove for an hour to find a trout dam.. Contrary to the advert, our 'resort' had four small dams which pretty much, only stored micro-organisms!

Ol' Murphy was jumping up and down doing star-jumps that day.......there were plenty of fish, but not a single one was interested in being landed. Good for them!

Rob, at one of the dams. We were eventually so frozen, that our fingers just wouldn't work any longer.

Floating nylon lines....Wooly Buggers....just didn't work.

Another hour and we were home.