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Saturday, February 27, 2010

This picture took surprisingly quick. I've been wondering why it is that I'm gravitating to painting pictures of a certain genre and colour. the only explanation is that possibly being an 'old soul', in some way I'm drawn to the mood, sombre and subdue'd colours of an era long gone...poor light, reality, reproducing something somehow that we are not seeing anymore. Simplicity, nothingness and truth. I believe that I need to be true to my spirit and paint what 'I' see, so the journey continues.
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My cousins gorgeous little girl Megan. My daughter asked me if all two years are so busy. I cant wait for my own grandchildren one day
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

These are some of my first attempts at water colours
The most challenging thing about using this medium is my innate need for controlling the outcome of my pictures, perfection is my achilles heel!!!

With water colours, there is no place for either. This was an interesting and fun excercise


I have been soooo blessed with the inspiration I've recieved from my fellow artist friends.
words cannot express my love and grattitude

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Thought I'd post a picture.....pretty good except for the large mole on my nose.
Nothing a little 'photoshopping' couldnt fix. Any suggestions?

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This is the 1,2mx 900cm picture I painted (in acrylic, a medium I NEVER use) in 4 1/2 days (with about 12 hours sleep).....for Velocity Films. They needed this painting urgently as part of the set for the new 'Power Ball' ad for the SABC. The reference was TERRIBLE, a small, blurred, rather dodgy painting with lines going accross the entire length of the picture from a dicky printer...this was a HUGE challenge for me in every way, but I thrive on challenges and become addicted to the adrenalin produced from trying to attempt the seemingly impossible. I finished on time, it got some very good crits, and it was bought by the company....(no, not for a huge amount....and I remain a poor artist) . Wont do that again in a hurry.....not with those time constraints.....or the any rate!!
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Sitting overlooking Houdbay harbour with a friend, a crystal clear day became suddenly shrouded
in a strange, thick mist. The view was obscured but at the same time created a totaly different scene and atmousphere. It was beautiful.
Life is like that. We suddenly have changes in our lives which we think are harsh and hinder us, but in fact these changes are unwhittingly creating a new vision, often a better one.

The lord constantly gives us unexpected life lessons using his creation. We sadly, dont often recognise them,
as we are blinded by past pain, present troubles and future worries. We dont recognise the signs that nomatter where we are in our lives.....there is a higher, loving creator that has absolute control

There is a part of all of us that is linked to the spiritual and it is up to us to recoginse that and allow ourselves to see that deeper, non-earthly part of our spirit, that we have little controll over that which has been pre-ordained for us, that we ALL have a higher purpose on this earth, other than our own. Peace, true peace, can only be attained if we acnowledge our weaknesses as human beings, that omnipotence belongs only to God.
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I enjoy looking for unusual things to capture, I just dont know how to use my expensive camera properly!!
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(:o) do you mean this one...???)
This was a painting done as as part of an internalization excercise , ' A STEP INSIDE'

It was painted quickly without the thought and care which usually goes into my work and the
results amazed me...the three most healing entities in my life where subconsiously depicted

This is one of my most recent expression pieces, also painted without reference to anything other than
the mood for simply just 'creating' , using gel medium, sand, gauze, news paper, masking tape
and gold and silver was fun to get messy and I really need to do more of these

I enjoyed painting this one, using the paint itself to create the mood and textures. Most of my paintings tend to be somewhat dark and sombre, and if truth be told, its probably from a darkness of an unattended spirit...
.......and the battle continues!!!
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Monday, February 8, 2010

These two...........mmmmmm, the first reflecting peace, beauty, order, perfection

the second an excercise in self -!!....LOTS to heal if this is anything to go by!!!!


I know that I am woman, I know that I am wife
but what is the true direction of my life
Sometimes I'm certain and know there I'm going
Yet often I'm troubled and confusion's left showing

I know I'm a daughter, I know that I'm a mom
but the reality of life just explodes like a bomb
responsibilities aren't few and will never be less
but aren't I responsible for my interests the best?

for whatever I am must surely shine through
in the habits of my children, in whatever they do
am I a model or am I myself....??
methinks, in that answer lies much spiritual wealth.!
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The top one of the pregnant leopard was my first 'expressive' piece, of a pregnant leopard passing two small children. There is eminent danger all around, a vicious storm, vulnerability of two unprotected children, a pregnant preditor...and yet there is is attainable.

The last picture of the leopard was approximately 1,2x600m and took me ages because of the fur technique I used. A new hard-bristle brush, cut down to a single layer to apply the varous tones and life-like feel of the fur. This one went to Madeira


Swooping, dipping, oh Gods ferris wheel
Your wide, ever alert orbs patiently watching
Yet extinct through mans useless looking glass
In reality, your thousands are awaiting the last

While you observe the wealth and sadness of man
laughter alarms like a clock through your wild cry
knowing your warning goes unheard
you move your wings and guffaw, you admit no sigh

turning and reeling in the aging skies
you practice then brag your attacking fall
dropping like a dead man our of the grey
only to rise high, the victor in blatant display

nearer and nearer the noise of man's engines loom
uncaringly throwing its shadows on your wings and power
you resigh for now but you gloat as you fly away
knowing you will return, for where there is will stay.

This was written as an 18 year old, watching a kite from the ninth floor of my res looked soo small but it was unaffected by the humanity below.

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These are three 0f my earliest works. The Black Eagle was exhibited at the Walter Sizulu Botanical Gardens (home of the Black Eagle for a number of years) for a while till it was eventually sold privately. These are photos of photos, so the quality is very poor, but in the 'Grape Picker', the vineyard was painted in using a strip of an old photo (as one would use a pallett knife) because of its pliability. I enjoyed using that technique as it was refreshing to create something without a teeny little brush.

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Some more of my experiments......

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Pretty new at this, I just enjoy taking photos and get excited if I can see what I have taken

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I painted this for ABSA Bank...the NY Stock Exchange Brass Bull. I HATED doing this one, but it turned out well . It was tedious to say the least...1mx1,2ms of two or three colours!!!!. If anything, this was an excersise in patience .
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I 've just found this.....taken in my third year of nursing in ICU Jhb Gen hosp. Sue, a Christian friend of mine, had just qualified. We were at different ends of the 9th floor at res, and she pretty much took me under her wing spiritually and professionally. Her gentle, kind nature gave me hope in a profession that was beginning to look very unappealing. I have never forgotten her. Two years later I qualified with midwifery as well .
I remember the 12 to 18 hour laparotomies, and drawing in the theater scenes for the surgeons. Eventually, I became known for my drawings and was commissioned during liver and kidney transplants.......this didn't go down well with the senior theater sisters....obviously I got really crappy reports at the end of each month, and was given the worst jobs imaginable by the resentfull staff. I didnt give a rats ass :o)........working in theater formed part of my best memories as a student nurse.
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A quick commission. A three-split-canvas of chillies for a diatitsan at a medical center
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