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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Marikana,Molema and Mom

I dont normally post on my blog without a picture or ten...I am visual and I recon a great deal of people are too, but this is not my normal post. This is a vent...since I no longer journal.

I am also inclined to be oppinionated and wont think twice to express myself when a subject is brought up in a discussion (or on tv) dealing with moral issues and issues of principal. Not wanting to bore my friends or family or the average SA with my rantings...which they predominantly share, I wanted to share a simple lay-man's view...a womans, view....a mothers view, on what is happening in this beautiful country of ours.

Right now, I am battling to find a single iota of positivity in the leadership of this country.

A few days ago, a little girl of 13 was shot and killed outside her home for her cell phone. Her sister and father were also shot for the same reason. They soon arrested the four men, one of whom had the little girls sim-card in his possesion>>>> but they were all later acquitted due to "lack of evidence". Obviously, in this country, you need to have the victims blood all over you and be standing over the body before you get thrown in jail....and then , you are released on a "presidential pardon" on the annual Freedom Day by the state president after serving only a fraction of your do it again!!

The Marikana debacle is the scariest part of all!! The miners, granted, weapon-wielding and aggro, were shot in the back while trying to flee ....and apparently at close range...execution-style, by the very "law enforcers" who are supposed to serve and protect.

From what I understand, the mine is owned by the family and have connections ,to our government leaders..but they have treated "their own" in a manner that supersedes any dark behaviour or the "apartheid", Nationalist fact....what on earth is the difference between what happened in Sharpville in the 1960's and now, in Marikana.....The difference is that shooters where predominantly black police officers who received their orders from our ANC government...the very government who STILL blames the spiralling un-employment, high crime rate, lack of school books, etc on "apartheid", even after being in rule for nineteen years. The issue of colour and racism has been forced onto my children daily, by the BEE (black economic empowerment) policy, which has ensured that they will find it almost impossible to get into a sports team, University and subsequently a job...because they are white!!

Then, the cretinous anarchist, Julious Molema ,who is cashing in on the violence and desperation of the poor, uneducated and homeless (as is the modus operandi of all dictators ) and inciting them to make Cape Town (DA governed province), and the mines "ungovernable". does one react to all this negativity?? How does one ignore a system that, in all its bias, unfairness, weakness, and lack of failing and directly effecting the future of ones children??

I wish I had the answer. My dear mother...simple, beautiful soul that she is, has always taught me: "My darling, pray. God is in charge".

That is the only answer that I have. I am a mother, a wife and an artist. I guess, I will just keep on doing what I know, the best way I know how...and hope it will be enough.


  1. Sharon the only white people left in Zimbabwe, well 99.9 of them, are all Christians. That being said... it hasn't changed a damn thing up their, except given them the courage to stay and hold on to the country they love. I am not sure what prayer does... except give us peace in the midst of the storm.
    Sadly... a lot more of this instore for us here in SA.

    1. Ahh my friend, its soooo hard not to get sucked into the pit of all this political mess when one has children. I'm inclined to want to usher them all out...but to what, and where??!! Yes, there's crime everywhere, yes, there's coruption everywhere but perhaps, just perhaps, there's a place where the powers that be, punish crime appropriately, where government officials are fired for incompetance and imprisoned for fraud and corruption and not given jobs in other departments, where policies on race matters are not one-sided and hypocritical. My only prayer is for the moral, physical, and economic protection of my family and friends...if everyone did that, maybe, it would make a difference, who knows. Its really all one can do.