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Monday, March 1, 2010

Being invited to exhibit in London was really special. I never thought that I would be able to do it as there was so many factors that screamed 'NOT NOW!!!!".

My family commitments, or associated financial commitments, the fact that the world was in the middle of a recession and that some galaries which had been open for years had closed, the fact that I had never exhibited before, the fact that I didnt have enough stock, the fact that I would need to somehow get all my work over there....CHEAPLY, the fact that I'd only ever been to London once and didn't know my way around....but mostly due to the fact that these artists were used making money from their art and most had been painting and exhibiting for years...good artists!!. I dont rate myself as anything other than average!!!!!

Well, I went to London...The exhibition was held in August 2009, up the road from Harrods at the Brompton Oratory...the venue not great for drawing crouds, afterall, who would walk into an ancient Catholic Cathedral when the UK itself is now considered
to be a missionary country in terms of Christianity.

I met some wonderfull folk and learned a lot, but mostly, thank the Lord, I sold a
painting...the only artist to have done although it wasnt a great achivement at all
in terms of my art, the mere fact that I went al all can be seen as one and this alone gave
me some encouragement
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  1. Oh wow, you never showed me these pictures. you must have been so proud. Love the photo with your work in the background.

  2. I think I was more overwealmed. I shy away from attention, but that night, people were seeking me out to talk to me. It was a very memorable experience