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Saturday, April 16, 2011


This I had to share!!!! This is sooo typical of Emma (the retriever being used as a couch) This gentle-natured pooch who has licked me sticky when I'm upset, who has sat with her head on my lap, staring lovingly at me for aaaages (and in fact who has often, when younger, sat ON my lap), drove miles and miles with me, fetching and carrying children, in the front seat of my car, suckled kittens, raised three young boisterous pups (including these two) and a few ducklings and baby rabbits, has been the most wonderful companion and playmate for every member of this family. She's old now...14.....and I suspect has congestive cardiac failure, so hasn't long left with us, but while she still is, I celebrate her!! This cute little pink number belongs to my dear friend who stayed with us for a bit. Her name is Bella and I have been sworn to secrecy as to her colour. She could never be anything other than pink!!!....she's more human than pooch! Here she completely took over my desk and computer....and with it, my heart!

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