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Friday, June 17, 2011


I've been busy with three paintings and about to start a fourth...pretty much how I read.....all over the place to accommodate 'space' and circumstances....scattered soul that I am!!!

I spend a lot of time in my studio on my own but have two artist friends who I try and commit to at least one day a week (both delightful fruitcakes) and that normally entails packing a car full of easels, paints and canvasses (or vice-versa)...normally taking the smaller ones which I'm working on for the sake of ease.

Both of them have (understandably) a very different style and technique and both of them inspire me in a very unique way, with the result, my paintings, although still projecting my own uniqueness, shows obvious variants in keeping with the persona and spirit of the person I'm painting with. On speaking to them, this is apparently also the case with them too. Interesting for me, there's a lot of laughter and play with the one and a more serious intensity with the other, which impacts on the colours, brushes and brush-strokes that I use.

I have been invited to exhibit my six remaining paintings from the last exhibition at the Brompton Oratory in London which I took part in in 2009,.... again this July...which includes my 'Last Supper" painting. When I look at them, I art has evolved over the last two years in that the word "art" itself, means something different to me. I believe its more of a mental and emotional evolution from within however. Happily, the interest in my painting also seems to have altered somewhat all accounts, and I'm realy hoping and praying that it results in a financial change....sheesh!!!! Let positivity and goodwill prevail.

As with everything else in my life, my art is forever changing and I'm delighted to go with whatever is up for the day. I'm hungry for new methods and experiences which will help me grow and develope as an artist, afterall, learning is always an on-going and exciting process and so, so nessesary.

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