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Friday, June 17, 2011

This is Molly

Ok, so this is Molly.

I'm not a mushy, gushy puppy-hugger, but I do love shoot me for putting a bit of worthless smarm on my blog.

My eldest daughter and her boyfriend are busy nesting and arrived home with this cute little 'miniature' (my eye) Dachshund...and Lord, yes, she is the cutest almost-human pup in the world.

We were totally un-prepared for this little whirlwind but she has succeeded in manipulating every one's heart-strings...even our male Malawi domestics walk around with her tucked under their arms! If you suddenly discover you have a seventh button on your jersey, look carefully and you will see that its actually a shiny little black nose, ....she dives under the covers and settles into a ball so fast that you don't have the time to think; "dog+bed=no................." and there she stays!

Its ridiculous actually! How on earth can ticks, fleas, worms, mud and hair suddenly become so utterly unimportant?

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