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Monday, April 9, 2012

Taking a breath in Dunkeld

We used to go trout fishing almost every year, and so far, it seems like the pattern has returned, Sadly, our catching skills seemed to have drowned in the murky dams of stress, fortunately, not our sense of humor or our passion.

Going to Dulstroom this weekend, was like ice in the dessert. Not being able to go as often as before, made me realize just how much we had taken for granted in the past, and how much I really look forward to and appreciate these quiet times with my family.

My precious I love him!! Adventurous, busy, gentle, happy and beautiful soul that he is. In the forest, heading towards the lodge.

Part of the reception area of the Dunkeld lodge...I had an artists vision when looking at this... of tiny pink and white roses and thick, green creepers, of long-haired princesses and noble lords...and a fat ol' frog, in the middle of the fountain, waiting to be kissed.

The view from our lodge.

Our little house

Taken from the patio

A visitor while we were fishing.

Liam and his dad. There were four lines in this dam and thirty - fifty cm trout were shooting out right in front of us, obviously taunting us.. At this point, I'd taken my shoes off and was wildly runnng around in the sloppy, ankle-deep mud, casting in wherever they showed themselves......fully aware that this is not the modus-operandi of a good fisherman/woman and not very lady-like at all.
Good, cold, dirty fun!!!

Quiet time, journaling. There's nothing like a fire on a cold day. During the day, when I wasn't fishing or writing, I was sketching. These are 'hmmmmmm' pictures which I want to turn into pewter.

Easter is a very special time for a Catholic family. To me, this part of the Christan calender, in a way supersedes Christmas, as it is the essence of our faith......especially my own personal one. Unconditional love, forgiveness, togetherness, faith.....having courage to put one foot in front of the other, all the while knowing that no matter what the circumstances, He has pre-planned your life and thus, will knowingly and lovingly, walk it with you.

I am not the best Catholic and am not even a very good Christian (by 'Christian' standards) so, in a way, this all sounds smarmy. I have somewhat ethereal views on life and death, spirituality and humanity but in saying this, I know that, while my views are my own, my personal relationship with 'Dad', is grounded in the unconditional love He has for me...the way I am.
Sometimes, I imagine Him looking at me, shaking His head going "tut, tut"....but He's always smiling, holding out His hand.
I see Him standing next to Buddhists, Muslims, Hindu's, Gays and remote tribes of Borneo......all in the same way. He didn't create Christians.....he created people, just simply.....people....who are Buddhists, Muslims, Hindu's, gays and remote tribes of Borneo.

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