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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Paintngs in progress

These are the four paintings that I'm busy with at the moment. I am on a mission to complete them but am so distractable with an irritating 'fidget-factor, that I'm finding it really hard to do so. Fortunately, I have friends who I paint with once or twice a week, who know that I have 'ants' and that I battle to focus.
There are three exhibitions in London this year, June, July and September (??) and I haven't even thought about starting them yet. I have to clear my studio first...unclutter my mind!!

Just started this one, a commission which I started on Thursday. I don't often paint flowers so am pretty much feelng out of my depth. My references are a photograph, a metal dustbin belongng to a friend (I kid you not) and the cosmos growing in our garden (which is causing me to run up and down stars all day). This will take a while as I need to create the well as a gazillion little stalk-like leaves.


Started this a while back....a still life which I need to work on as it is flat and incomplete and the spacial is all wrong.

A large, space-taking landscape...the first layer. Using pink as the base coat.....hmmmmm

Still sloggng away on the Venter family portrait. I'm completely and utterly bored and uninspired with this as it requires no imagination.... but I need to finish I will (even if I start to bleed from my eyeballs!!!) Lots and lots still to do on this one!

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