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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My soul sisters

Painting on one's own can be uninspiring and lonely sometimes. Unlike conventional 'jobs' where the routine of getting dressed and fighting traffic, is all part of our existence (and I don't use that word without thought), we are forced to interact with people, who, although are like-minded in their goals and job description, often do not share our moral, spiritual, family values. I've been there, and Lord, it sucks!!!!!! Its a daily assault on ones spirit and God willing, I never have to go into that environment ever again.
Being true to my spirit goes further than just merely doing what I love, but being able to do this in an environment with some dear people. One of these is Noreen.

Noreen is one of those precious people who have a rare inner peace and an ability to see beauty in the most simplest of things...then express it in a unique and beautiful way and gosh, she has happily taught me so much. She is a busy art teacher, who has exhibits for all her students, a framer and art restorer and a very successful artist, but mostly, shes just a wonderful person who not only shares her knowledge with those around her, but her free and warm spirit too.
Today...I painted 3 freckles.....she painted a mandala!!!
My artist friends are incredibly dear to me, not just because they have similar interests, but I seemed to have been blessed with the most beautiful people in my life. I treasure them!


  1. okay so now that you have changed the design of your blog I am able to leave a message. I am not sure if the view you have of your blog is the same as mine, but your last supper photo is so big it isn't easy to see where your blog actually starts. I will see if I can make you a banner.

  2. Sharon I have no idea what is going on. When I log into your blog now it just gives me the option to place a comment. Something must have happened with you re designed the back ground? Weird.

  3. Have successfully joined as a follower and left a comment. I love your blog. It is from the heart and you have a very beautiful heart and soul my darling sis.