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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dogs in heaven

This is Emma or Perchance Emilia. She's my 13 year old Golden Retriever and I adore her. She is my shadow, my consoller, my loyal furry friend.
Someone asked me the other day if dogs go to a Catholic, my answer should me "no", but in honesty, our animals are such an important part of our lives, that I cant imagine any 'Heavenly' place without EVERY creation of God. He knows us as humans, and what our needs are, what brings us peace and happiness...can you imagine heaven without beautifull flowers and trees, mountains and cool springs...??? I cant. I cant imagine heaven without animals either!
Emma is the gentlest, sweetest dog in the world, she's never 'messed' in the house in her thirteen years with us, she's never growled, or bitten anything, she's suckled kittens and full grown cats, rabits and birds have sat next to her and on her, she sences my emotions I think before I do and reacts to them, dissappearing when I'm angry, licking me and sitting with her head on my lap when I'm sad. She jumped into my daughters car a few weeks ago and wouldnt get out till she'd been taken for a drive around the block....she is the first one to come with me at night to fetch one of my children...sitting in the front seat...once I left her in the car for the whole night, only to find her quite happy ,calm and ready to go again the next morning....without any of the expected 'mishaps' one would normally find in leaving a dog in a car the whole night!!!.
Em, I love you my doggy angel!!!!