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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Crossed paths and faith

This the painting I started last week and which I've decided to dedicate to Lettitia. I'm not sure at this stage where it's going but I'm just slowly (and I do mean slowly) working on it and watching to see where it will go. it's fairly sombre at the moment, obviously in keeping with the mood that had enveloped me when I started, but my intention is to bring a happy contrast into it and build up layers of scenes, and feelings and images, those that I feel and sence but often battle to interperate.
Last week I went with her to Klerksdorp to help her during her final week of Rife treatment. Never in my life have I encountered someone who is so determined to change the seemingly impossible. This has been an extraordinary journey for me, of observation, growth, appreciation of the human spirit. Waking up every day to the sound of the oxygen machine, watching her struggle with everyday things like taking a breath, eating, walking, sleeping, talking...quietly reading her book, staring into space...I have been humbled, secretly in tears, but seeing, possibly for the first time, that we are all related, all connected somehow...that this stranger, who I met but a year ago, is important and dear to me, that although our paths are very different, they have, by fate, crossed and for some inexplicaable reason, I am helping her on this leg of her journey. In as much as she's determined to get well, I am as doubtful of my ability to see what she does and stay positive. So then why me????

Beutiful soul, heal...get better, this is my prayer for you. Should this not be ordained for you then be at peace for you are loved