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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Green Art...what would Vincent say?

This is the huge display at the National Gallery which we came accross on the day we left London.

I'm a keen gardner but have little knowledge of Botany, so couldn't make out the types of plants used in this work, but I was in awe.

Vincent Van Gogh is one of my favorite artists and to see this interpretation was facinating

Having left St. Martins in the Fields, we passed this display..the start of a 'Green art' exhibition, which we unfortunately were not able to visit. The Circa Gallery in Rosebank, Jhb, has got 'Live Art' as part of its building, which is simply a creeper left to grow up the side of the building, but this is an awsome display of what we can do with nature to create art. Different plants creating different textures and colours, all live and growing in huge proportions. There are no limitations in art.

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