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Sunday, September 25, 2011

St Martins and Brass Rubbbings

St Martins in the Field

Our last day in London.....Nor and I had a leisurely wake up but then darted off to St Martins in the Fields...An Anglican cathedral just off Trafalgar square, sporting our very own Desmond Tutu's conference room, a theater (I think) and a crypt used as a tea room and art gallery.....and the final resting place of quite a few people.....hmmmm, strange to be walking on bones!

This is my second brass rubbing in progress, a celtic circle
. I honestly didn't realise that it was a Celtic crcle tll we were husband has strong scottsh roots, so ths was automatclly hs.

In progress, It looks easy but the way one presses (reasonably hard), the direction of the rubbing (one way only) and the time one takes (the more layers, the better) will determine the end product

Here Noreen is busy on her third. The fun thing about doing this, was that it was done with a fellow artist.....our darling husbands would have been chomping at the bit at the very thought.

We got caught up in the moment and in the process. We had spent two awesome weeks together, laughing, walking, talking, but this was the best possible way to have ended out words only smiles that confirmed our connectedness in doing something we both so enjoy.

The reason for the visit was to to do a Brass Rubbing....our last chance to do something arty as a memory keep-sake. Nor finished three and me, two and we were so emotionally hyped up afterwards. Aaaaah it was so good to do some art again! I decided to sign mine off with a fork....the reason will become clear (or has become clear) later (or earlier) :o)

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