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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Taking the time

I sat next to a young 25 year old Tanzanian journalist, called Moenga Shamilimo, on the flight home. She had been to SA before to report on the progress of the stadiums before the soccer world cup, and now she was back for a week. We did our bit towards international relationships and made a friend.

Having spent two very full weeks running around London and Madeira, there was still energy to horse around at the airport and meet new people. Laughter and conversation came easy no matter where we were and how tired. Nor in particular, seemed to start conversations wherever we were...once , at the ticket office at Victoria station, where the Pakistani guy at the till ran off to get a photo of his family in Lenasia during rush-hour. Unknowingly, there was a queue of passengers standing behind us, till one tall chap reminded us in high English, that we were causing chaos.......we were very apologetic but walked away laughing..... and really quite happy at making an 'invisible' man in a thankless ,monotonous job, perhaps feel a bit special for a few minutes.

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