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Friday, December 23, 2011

A full nest again

My daughter arrived home shortly after I got back from London...sheeeesh!!....the energy!!
I never realised how much I missed it till it flooded our home again! Within an hour, the entire house, from kitchen to bedroom, was littered wth 'Bronwen'!...her loud, infectious laughter, bounced off the walls and nearly caused Bobo, our crazy parrot, to fall off his perch.!

She qualified in Hotel management last year so has been doing some traveling. One can't but help envy her, that at such a young age, she has seen more of the world than most people have. She soon dispelled the notion of any 'glamor' associated with her choice of career...pus and badly cracked, red hands were testimony to the kind of work...really HARD work...that this job entails. She was voted second best of all 26 international staff.....her mum's really proud of her!!!

When she got home, she slept for a while then was pounced on by her siblings...she slept in Andreas arms for a while too and it brought tears to my eyes. Like my own sisters and I, there s a bond so strong that I have no doubt in my mind that my children will always be there for each other.
Her and her boyfriend surprised us a day early so it took an hour to round up as much of the family as we could to celebrate. She was exhausted and hungry....craving 'real South African meat', Nicknacks, my popular 'pap pie' and of course, lots of family hugs....she got all in abundance...and we washed it all down with a delicious bottle of 'Bellini' Champagne.

Dave hadn't arrived yet, but we quickly put a braai together and reveled in our completeness as a family (orbs and all :o) )

I know that ones children are only borrowed to you for a time, but oh Gosh, they are so precious and each second that we get to share with them is like a tonic for the soul.

This is the journal that she bought me from Kusadasi, Turkey....I love it. I totally underestimated how much she understood my tastes! I go through journals like air and water but this one is almost too special to use as a day to day journal. This wll be used during a special time of my life.

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