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Friday, December 9, 2011


I was invited to attended the AGM of an organization called MATLA A BANA on Tuesday. What a privilege! I'm not sure how to create the link to their website
( , but please Google them to find out what they are about. Better still, please support them.

Basically, it's an NPO (non-profit organization) established by Kallie and Monique SA couple who were kidnapped and kept hostage under terrible conditions. Establishing this organization was their way of giving back to their country who, more than any other, procured their speedy rescue.

Matla a Bana's function is to address the huge incidence of child abuse and rape n SA through reporting, support and intervention programes.
At the meeting, I was horrified to learn that, two years ago, it was reported that a child was being raped every 24min..this year, that has leaped to EVERY 3 MINUTES!!! This is an utterly shocking statistic!! We are living in a very beautiful country but there is a horrific sickness within its populace which, I'm afraid, is producing a nation of psychologically injured and women.

Someone once said, there is one sure way to destroy a destroying it's women and children!!.

Women are the backbone of humanity, and yet in some cultures, they are treated as sub-human....often, starting in their childhood. That abused child will grow up n fear, sadness, anger and bitterness and thus will her children and children's children, be raised in that legacy.
Mary carried the son of God, Jesus, who is the essence of our Christian faith...and yet, often, not even she, is honored.....not even by Christians!
A MOTHER, A WOMAN, gave birth to every single leader on earth....and yet, often, at best, they are belittled, forgotten, and worse still, they are beaten and they are raped........ as are their daughters and granddaughters!

In previous generations, children lived in silence about sexual abuse.....especially when it involved a family member. Women and children had no voice. They do now!!!!!!

A well known Jewish author and prisoner of a German death camp once said..."success is brought about by 10 % action and 90 % attitude". Our attitude towards the value of our women and children NEEDS TO CHANGE before any action to stop the abuse, could ever make a difference!

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