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Sunday, January 15, 2012

A mother of a tortoise

This is the second time we have mysteriously found a huge tortoise in our garden. Last year...around about the same time, a tortoise, twice the size of this one, was trying to push open our sliding gate to get in!!! Obviously, I let it in (as I did, with three sheep a few years previously)....much to the horror of my gardener who, the next morning, reported the annihilation of most of my vegetable seedlings and pumpkin flowers. The same happened now.

Molly was hysterical....not knowing what this thing was. To add insult to her injury, it completely ignored her.

She kept a respectful distance

Max, the 'Boss' was having none of that....he decided that if he couldn't have any effect on this tortoise through intimidation, he would just go ahead and eat its carrot!!.......even if it killed hm.

The tortoise, happily, found a new home on my cousins farm.

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