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Friday, January 13, 2012

Multi-media medicine

Having enjoyed doing the last box so much, I decided to try another.....a gift for a friend. The only difference with this one is that I didn't have time to do a painting inside the lid. ( see my previous my post...the painting took a long time due to the angle and the size)

In progress, I wasn't sure about the shape at any stage, with the grooved, con vexed lid but it's all about trial and error when attempting new things.

Here, the box has been painted, using brown then coral craft paint, then tilling the sides with small ceramic tiles. The strips have just been measured and are about to be engraved and polished. They work well in filling in and finishing the edges. I love working with it as it's really soft and one can do just about anything, although, I'm not sure about the safety aspect in using this medium too often.

Lead strips almost done.

I have never used copper patina before and didn't have a clue so ended up phoning a friend...and bothering her terribly in tryng to get it right. Not perfect, but I loved the effect. The copper gave a skin-colored tone to her face which I was realy happy with. Talk about just jumping in....!!!

About to patina the side strips,


Not perfect but perfection is for perfectionists and perfectionists die young :o)

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