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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

sculpture and more multi-media

One of my mom's long-time friends' husbands, Tony Phasey, is gravely ill and my mother, being who she is, put her prayerful nature into top gear. She bought him a little prayer candle holder made from clay and a prayer booklet called 'You are my Beloved' by Mitch Finley, and sent it to me to do a little pewter on it (the candle holder).
Unfortunately, by the time it arrived here, it was in pieces. Mom was really upset.

The strangest thing is that, as I sat there with the broken pieces on my lap, Jesus's face looked up at me, and I felt so profoundly,that the Lords was giving me the message!...'You are my beloved'..... I decided to make another one!

I bought some clay and made all the little pieces, taking care to dry them on a really flat surface and had to continually turn them over to prevent them from lifting at the corners. I eventually dried them under a heavy book.

I then made the little candle holder section. My tools were very crude...a Stanley knife and a plastic lead moulder....but it worked!

I beveled the edges to facilitate the join, then all the panels were molded together...using clay.

Finally completed...not exact...but I was really happy with it.

Last night, I painted it with gesso...I still need to sand it down to a smooth surface, after which, I will start the painting and the pewter..... the finished product will soon follow.
It's been years since I've done any sculpture and I sooooo enjoyed doing this...a dirty, messy, stuff-under-the-nails process. I've committed myself to this art form this year, and am really excited about trying out different mediums.


This is another multi-media box that I'm busy with at the moment. I'm really enjoying using various materials and techniques and want to extend on that with each one I do. I used a little liquid lead with this, just as an experiment..... maybe try it out on the lid?? I'm busy with the pewter at the moment and am in the planning stages for the little lid panting.

These are the little 1cm lead strips which use as a finish. It's a lovely soft, bendable medium to engrave on, cut, bend and manipulate into awkward places.


  1. I look forward to seeing the prayer candle holder completed. VERY nice job on the sculpting!! xoxo

  2. Thank you Sunny, should be done in the next few days.