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Friday, March 9, 2012

Screaming head

On Ash Wednesday, a two-ton truck slammed into the back of our new car. I have never much cared for 'stuff' but when I saw my husband grab his neck, I pretty much flipped, and jumped out the car with clenched fists, ready to deface the truck-drver's head, dent for dent. Instead, all I managed to do was lambaste his ears with a tirade of very strong and equally unladylike expletives!

I had planned to start another sculpture but didn't plan on the motivation. And brother!!!.....did I get motivated!

Again, not planned, the emotion took over.

The saying: "It doesn't rain but it pours" suddenly became alive and very pertinent to the Vallance household. We've been subjected to a financial hailstorm for the past two months and this was the last thing that we needed. Saying that however, we discovered that nomatter how bad things seemed....things could always be much worse. My husband and I could have been seriously injured for one.

The result of this accident was that we suddenly realized what we DID have......the important our health, each other and a loving and supportive famly. The car, for me, represented the destructibility and empty transience of material things...and allowed me to visualize my anger. Not at all pretty!


  1. Not sure what is going on in the universe, but on the 21st, my daughter's birthday and the day before Ash Wednesday, my virtually new car was also badly slammed into - by an 18 year old with a 1 month old licence who simply decided to reverse across an intersection! He just missed connecting with the front passenger seat where my daughter was. I can see just where your sculpture comes from! I hope you and your husband are okay.

  2. Omw...Hope you're both ok too??! Thank you, we're both well although there's around R62K worth of damage to our car. I hear what you're saying about the universe...two days ago lady on a cell phone, drove into the back of our loan vehicle!!...this time, fortunately (in defense of the fairer sex and the harsh reputation we have as drivers)my husband was driving :o)

  3. Thanks - we are fine! Ouch for the 62K damage! Looks like things come in threes. (I wouldn't say too much about the person of the fairer sex driving with a cell phone though!)

    1. :oD.....oops!...I should have added...the chap in the truck was on his cell phone too.