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Friday, May 4, 2012

Underberg in the Berg

The Underberg has got to be one of the most beautiful places in South Africa with its combination of lush farm lands, pine forests, majestic mountains and the numerous, pebbly rivers and streams. In Autumn, the trees are a pallet of copper, greens, browns, yellow ocher, all pushing into the bluest sky. Spiritually, I get sucked into this visual feast, artistically, I get inspired to create the memory.

20 years ago, during a conference which I attended with my husband, I crossed this very stream with my then, two, very young daughters. I took them on their first little hike and they had their very first swim in a stream...right here. Poignant memories.

Taken from on top of a mountain, overlooking the Drakensburg Gardens resort.

Spectacular views, wherever you look

Liam and Megs playing golf. This golf course needs a cart to get around, walking is exhausting but they're young. They managed...only just! (the cost to play is exorbitant for a junior, R160!!!!!)

My parents. They often sit together this way, quietly talking.

My precious mom, 76 this year!!! Her bunions were killing her so I gave her my running shoes... she decided to go for a 'run'. :o)

Not to be out-done, the next day, pop, mom and I went for a long walk round the golf course. My father has just had a bilateral knee replacement....with walking stick and fresh air, there's nothing that one can't do.

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  1. Very precious, precious moments...