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Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Love story

A deep, raging river runs between two worlds, one desolate, arid and woeful the other, seeped in light, tranquility and cheerfulness . Peace, believing that to divide the two lands, was for the best, changed the once, little stream into an impenetrable barrier, where the two worlds, remained apart. Understanding and Tolerance, once, a long, long time ago, tried to cross in their little boat called Hope, but sadly, they were dragged under the murky torrent and were drowned.

One day, Love was walking along the river bank when she heard wailing and weeping, a terrible sound that she had never before heard.

She looked across to the opposite side and her heart was shattered at what she saw.

There, the beautiful Sad, was contorted in grief, pulling at her long hair, bent over double, writhing as unseen demons seemed to be tearing at her from within and without.

Love's heart went out to her, she called out again and again but still, Sad could not be reached from over the great divide, and more than anything, Love wanted to reach her, to touch her.

Love decided to take the pieces of her shattered heart and build a bridge to the other side, leaving her moon, sun and stars behind for this perilous journey. It was to be hers alone.

Slowly, carefully, bit by bit, never giving up, even when the vicious, boiling waves of the angry river dragged her under, she continued to build her frail little bridge, till eventually, it reached the opposite shore.

She walked onto this strange land with just the core of her heart remaining, looking for Sad.
Thick old walls, higher than the eye could see, newly built walls, strong and solid, door-less and unyielding, formed strange fortresses, with degradation, darkness and decay, all around. Ominous and threatening whispers, telling her to leave, for there was danger there. She could be trapped and would die

Love had no fear. She had gladly used up most of her heart to get this far. She couldn't leave now.

Frantically she searched, probing into dark holes, and unknown spaces until finally, led by the light within the core of her heart, she found Sad.
There, in a deep hole, seemingly blind and deaf to everything except the sounds of her own weeping and the dark curtain of hair covering her face as she wept, she slowly lifted her head as Love leaned over and stretched out her hand.

"GO AWAY!"shouted Sad.
"Why did you come here? You know nothing of my world!"
"Your world has a moon, sun and stars, this world has none, you do not understand my pain. You cannot see it like I can"
"I can see nothing and understand nothing except this pain , not even the light glowing from within your heart could avert my eyes".
"I don't know you!" "GO AWAY!"

Love heard the words but they didn't make any sense. It was not possble to walk away from Sad when the light within her heart had grown so strong and to do so now, would mean death. Love had never ignored the light.
She reached over and gently lifted Sad out. As she did so, she explained:

"Yes Sad, there is a sun, moon and stars in my world, but there are also storms which flood and drown things, darkness that envelops and a sun that burns and causes a dryness of the soul"
"Yes, our worlds are different but it doesn't matter because neither are perfectly safe".
I can live in all worlds because I am Love.

Sad had heard the words and they had not made any sense to her. She would not understand any world except the one she had always known.

"DO NOT TOUCH ME" she shouted as Love tried to sweep away the hair from her eyes to wipe away her tears and help her to see the warm glow within her heart's core.
Turning away, Sad slowly whispered:"I feel you but cannot be touched by you and you can never see me for I am tormented by you. You have unwittingly , brought me to this world of mistrust and pain. You are a lie."

Sadly, Love walked away, all the while, her hearts core still aflame, and crossed back over the little bridge.
She knew that she would tend the bridge, and wait patently till Sad allows herself to see Love and cross over to be united.

As time passed, Love would often see beautiful Sad, dancing as if her feet were winged with a lightness that Love alone knows, and she was so happy for it.

But sometimes, when she looked over the raging river, she would see Sad, in a macabre, dispassionate dance of the pain she knows so well.

The bridge made of little pieces of heart still stands.

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