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Sunday, April 4, 2010

I recently got a commission from our parish, St John's. I had to paint four large pieces for the Easter period/celebration, two banners, one fabric painting (a canvas would have been too large) and another smaller oil on canvas. The references came from the Jhb (??) diocess, so didnt include much of an 'artistic' experience. The technique is not in keeping with what I'm used to, so in that aspect, I enjoyed the challenge, as I always do...also, the time constraints were a bit preasurising....but I like to work towards a time goal once in a procrastination is allowed!!! I am such a dreamer....hugely distractable!! My studio looked like a bomb had gone off...complete with me standing in my pallet.

These are the three compleated works. pegged them to my railing to dry.
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