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Sunday, April 4, 2010

My son had a rugby festival in Pietermaritzburg
My husband and I stayed at a friends Natal Midlands

B&B and farm. This is the little male calf that resides on their
stoep. The cutest little thing...but sadly already
ear-marked for his pelt!!

Recon, there are some days when becomming a 'Vegan'
makes perfect sence

The Natal Midlands is one of the most beautifull
places in South Africa...walking around this farm
I was struck by the colonial past that still
eminates in the culture, buildings, and people of
the area. Its peacefull, beautifull....and I was followed
around by 9 horses...I think mostly friendly
polo ponies ...and of course, the little calf and two little
Jack Russels. My daughters had horses for a few
years...I miss that time and I miss riding. I love
the feeling of being one with such beautifull animals....and the bond and sence of trust that forms between man and beast.

The little (and very unpopular) Vervet monkeys
who started shaking the braches and ?? throwing
sticks at me while trying to photograph them. They
are a huge nusance in most Natal homes...opportunists
and cunning little thieves, they will suddenly appear on your
breakfast table and dart out of a window in the blink of an eye
with the contents of your plate.

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