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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A revival

These are some of the photos I took when I first got my camera. The one on the left was taken when my sister and I went on one of our numnerous hikes to Mpumalanga. I havent done much this year, but plan to do way more in 2011

I love this ..I wanted to paint it at one stage

I think you can just see the little bee :o)

Yesterday, I went for my usual run..but it wasnt usual. It was 7:05 pm and almost dark! I would have been besides myself if any of my three children decided to go running at that time, but I guess you know the saying about doctors, nurses and teachers; they make the worst in the home environment.
For me it was less about the excercise and more about the need to 'breath' in this time and space. It was a beautiful, night last night, with clear sky's, a bright moon and cool crisp air...and I wanted to truely feel this within my soul to become one with it, be part of the nothingness, the peace, the realness.
The minute I closed the gate behind me, my sences were suddenly alive and I could hear everything! The quiet, the darkness, the shadows, which should have intimidated me, but only served to make me want to claim this beautiful night as I saw it, without threat or danger. I was hearing the black backed Jackal calling, the continuous high-pitched anthem of the bush crickets and their less vociferous brothers, the peacocks, the bullfrogs,..all were joined in an impromptu recital, with the rythmic falling of my running shoes, acting as conductor.
Running past huge homes with their high walls which had suddenly come to life with sound and smell. Dogs, plovers on nests, all admonished me for disturbing their peace.
On arriving home, I stripped naked and fell into the pool, floating under the light of the moon, hearing nothing but the sound of my own breathing.
I saw the stars last night...I saw the moon, ....I heard creation and Oh Lord, it made me happy!