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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Art and cruelty

This is the artist who had her work on show in the Gallery in the Crypt at St Martins in the Fields. I will update more of her work as I get in all the photos (on all my posts). Mixed media, floral drawings, her work is fine and detailed but with purposely placed dribbles of paint to create an interest factor in a largely monotanal and rather dull picture.

There were other items of this whipping post. Hmmmmm...things have changed somewhat but only in its subtleties!
Barbarism and cruelty, remains part of the culture in many sectors of society, especially to women, but in this very country which we visited and the one from which we came, the 'whipping' continues relentlesly..
Have we really changed that much?????

This is pretty much an overview of the crypt downstairs. As always, I FEEL the presence of history in these old places and am transported

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