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Sunday, February 7, 2010

I 've just found this.....taken in my third year of nursing in ICU Jhb Gen hosp. Sue, a Christian friend of mine, had just qualified. We were at different ends of the 9th floor at res, and she pretty much took me under her wing spiritually and professionally. Her gentle, kind nature gave me hope in a profession that was beginning to look very unappealing. I have never forgotten her. Two years later I qualified with midwifery as well .
I remember the 12 to 18 hour laparotomies, and drawing in the theater scenes for the surgeons. Eventually, I became known for my drawings and was commissioned during liver and kidney transplants.......this didn't go down well with the senior theater sisters....obviously I got really crappy reports at the end of each month, and was given the worst jobs imaginable by the resentfull staff. I didnt give a rats ass :o)........working in theater formed part of my best memories as a student nurse.
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