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Monday, February 8, 2010

The top one of the pregnant leopard was my first 'expressive' piece, of a pregnant leopard passing two small children. There is eminent danger all around, a vicious storm, vulnerability of two unprotected children, a pregnant preditor...and yet there is is attainable.

The last picture of the leopard was approximately 1,2x600m and took me ages because of the fur technique I used. A new hard-bristle brush, cut down to a single layer to apply the varous tones and life-like feel of the fur. This one went to Madeira


Swooping, dipping, oh Gods ferris wheel
Your wide, ever alert orbs patiently watching
Yet extinct through mans useless looking glass
In reality, your thousands are awaiting the last

While you observe the wealth and sadness of man
laughter alarms like a clock through your wild cry
knowing your warning goes unheard
you move your wings and guffaw, you admit no sigh

turning and reeling in the aging skies
you practice then brag your attacking fall
dropping like a dead man our of the grey
only to rise high, the victor in blatant display

nearer and nearer the noise of man's engines loom
uncaringly throwing its shadows on your wings and power
you resigh for now but you gloat as you fly away
knowing you will return, for where there is will stay.

This was written as an 18 year old, watching a kite from the ninth floor of my res looked soo small but it was unaffected by the humanity below.

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  1. Oh wow Sharon, that was really fun to read. Keep posting... the bull painting... humm patience or madness. You are right... I doubt I could ever do something like that I would be bored to tears.
    the recent one with the third eye? the eye on the right the naked girl, the hands holding or grabbing I am not sure which and the who knows what at the bottom... hum me thinks!