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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

(:o) do you mean this one...???)
This was a painting done as as part of an internalization excercise , ' A STEP INSIDE'

It was painted quickly without the thought and care which usually goes into my work and the
results amazed me...the three most healing entities in my life where subconsiously depicted

This is one of my most recent expression pieces, also painted without reference to anything other than
the mood for simply just 'creating' , using gel medium, sand, gauze, news paper, masking tape
and gold and silver was fun to get messy and I really need to do more of these

I enjoyed painting this one, using the paint itself to create the mood and textures. Most of my paintings tend to be somewhat dark and sombre, and if truth be told, its probably from a darkness of an unattended spirit...
.......and the battle continues!!!
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