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Thursday, September 16, 2010

A bit of a b@#$%r-up

This is the final product of three new mediums which I've been trying for the first time....not successfully.

First, the oil pastel drawing,
second, the gouache (gooch,....sorry my friend :o)...its 'gooch' till it diserves to be called 'g..wash'), as filler

then, the 'thick' coat of white gouche,
, a layer of waterproof India ink.

The instructions said "scrape off". WHAAAAAATEVER.
Even if I had a surgical scalpal or in fact a darn lazer, there was no chance of 'scraping' anything off.
This resulted in me furiously using a sponge in an attempt to recover at least a glimps of 2 hours work. Hmph!

The result: A picture that has as much character as a toasted cheese sandwich.

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