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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Soul City

I'm off to Cape Town tomorrow...the one place on earth where I would love to spend my twilight years.
This beautiful city evokes so much emotion within me for so many reasons. The first time I went, I was pregnant with my first daughter, I was euphoric about that as well as driving into another world of majestic mountains, ice cold seas, fishing boats and harbours, wine farms, there just seemed to be so much of all the important things...a naturalness and being able to be part of it all just by sitting down and doing nothing...except breathing and being quiet. The various cultures and manerisms, born from a heroic and turbulant history makes this city vibrant, alive, real. Here, you find your own pace for living, and whatever it is, its just fine.

I am leaving my family at home, and although I have done this a few times in the last two years, I still feel pangs of guilt. But there has to be a point where one believes that there is only one spirit and soul in your body and it belongs to you and, if you do not feed it, it will die and nobody will have the benefits.! Yes, we are placed on this earth in service to our fellow man, but not to our own detriment.

When and how does man lose faith in love. How injured do you have to be to shun affection or worse, not even recognise it when it comes to
you; that all you feel is anxiety and mistrust when someone puts their
arms around you and says "hey, I really love you". That you become
the enemy because you are being or doing something so strange
in caring and loving someone with all your heart.

There's so many questions to my life's journey at the moment, and slowly
slowly I'm learning the answers. The answers that dont come, are
obviously not meant to be answered now and just need acceptance and
patience and faith that everything is 'in Gods time'.

Nobody is an island and nobody can be placed in a box. If we are to
co-inhabit this earth in peace, then everyone in it must surely just
simply be seen as HUMAN, nothing more, nothing less, for that is what
we all are.......just human ...with frailties and faults.... but souls,
everyone, yearning for love, acceptance, validation.

We first need to claim that right, because we are worth it.

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