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Monday, September 20, 2010

Going away on my own is something I would never have done, for various reasons, up till a few years ago. Two things happen when you are away from the family.: you discover that there's still a 'me' under all that wife and mom, and how important your family actually are, that you've left important they are in compleating the 'me'.
In Paternoster, we went from fish 'n tjips at the Paternoster Hotel, to 'pudding' at a gorgeous little resturant on the beach...and ended up haggling with fishermen for crayfish.

We took the long way to Paternoster....a good 3 hour trip, stopping at Darling and Yserfontein. There was a festival in Darling at the time with taxi-rides, musicians sitting on the rooves, young children learning to 'Hip-Hop', Flea-markets, Darling beer and greeting cards which you can plant and produce a herb (one can only imagine)

Sometimes, its good for the soul to do something which you know would cause your children embarrasment :o) dancing and laughing with abandon, chatting with the locals like old friends, greeting and chatting to total strangers about absolutely nothing.
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