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Thursday, September 30, 2010

A little box for Bron

I started making this two days ago. My daughter is leaving for Argentina soon and I wanted to make her something special to take with her. Its a small jewelry box for that special ring or necklace.
I bought the raw box, carved a design into the side panels then painted it with fabric paint.
The reason I used fabric paint is that the material is porous and the paint is easily taken into the wood but leaves the desired colour on the surface. It also dries quickly. I then painted into the carved areas. I wanted to give it a pewter look so I layered it with different shades of a mixture of the same paints.
I then took little angels, snapped the loops off and stuck them into the carved out hollows of the pannels. It complimented the picture above and just rounded off the whole box.

Obviously, by this time, I'd compleated the pewter design. It was really small so I had to be very careful how I
worked it, especially the cutting out, trying not to leave jaggered edges. I used a thread picker to do some of the
detail! It didnt quite come out with the amount of detail I intended, but the gist of the picture can be seen and
understood...which is an angel, guiding children accross a bridge.

I dont think I had the right tools for this kind of work, but art is a matter of trial and error.
I'm having fun learning new things and experimenting.
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