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Monday, September 27, 2010

A matter of confidence

I have to submit 4 paintings and 4 drawings to UNISA for acceptance into the BVA degree. This is one which I'm going to submit.

I did this one a while ago and my children all love it...I've never been that wild about it. Its one of my more 'free -er' pieces and I really enjoyed doing it
This is the reference of the painting, the reproduction, which I've just compleated.
There is a market for this kind of work but it is a very select market and can never generate a good enough income for an artist. Besides the fact, there is obvious issues pertaining to the actual practice of 'art', expression and originality....all three, psychologically impact on both artist and purchaser. The human soul needs uniquiness because of it's being unique, likewise, human nature will seek this in decorating their nests!
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