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Monday, September 20, 2010


I havent done pewter in quite a while. I started this one a while ago and finishing it is just the first one in a long list of pieces that need compleating.
Basically, the design was put straight onto the pewter with the result that there is not much uniformity, but that is just where I am at at the moment..simplyfying and just doing things.
God The Father is signified by the crown at the top of the cross, the design down the cross signify His tears shed through our sin and personal hurts, the hand at the bottom is that of the Son of God, Jesus, who although at the foot of the cross, is the biggest entity on it and is trying to catch our attention. The two doves on either side of the cross signifies the Holy Spirit.

I've started the Last Supper on a copper sheet (NOT a nice metal for fine work, and now also very wrinkly from being stored) but this is a test peace for a bigger one in pewter.
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