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Monday, October 4, 2010

Three Generations

I took this picture a while ago and played around with is three generations of hands, my mothers, mine and my eldest daughter, the first granddaughter. While looking closely at this picture, I noticed that there seemed to be an energy comming from the joining of the hands. the hand on its own (bottom left) didn't show that light... and most of the light seemed to come from the hand of my daughter. Yes, there IS strength unity, a spiritual energy that as humans we soooo badly need. We need touch, we need bonding, WE NEED LOVE.

Yesterday, we had out monthly family 'gathering' which was so, so special. Unfortunately, it was only one side of the family, the rest are spread all over the place, but its days like this when the ones who couldnt be with us, are most thought of and spoken of and sorely missed.
Sitting there, watching our beautiful young girls and the young men, our sons and, God willing, 'soon -to -be' sons, all horsing around with rugby, and soccer balls , one cant but help say a quiet little prayer over their lives, for protection, for love, for integrity and family unity. All these young people with hopes and dreams, with youth and enthusiasm, who will continue burning the torch of their parents, grandparents and centuries of fore-fathers and pass on the same torch to their children. What have I given them, and what is it that I still need to give them? I know, without a doubt, I have great love, but also imperfections which, hopefully, in some way will helped them cope with their own, not through endorsement but through knowing that nomatter what, they are all worthy of love in spite of them.

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