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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I have just spent some time with a very precious and dear aunt. She has been living here for the past five years and what a beautiful home she has. Every time I'm with her, I'm always reminded of how vulnerable we are to circumstances. We never know what path our life will take and how past, present and future decisions will impact on it. We all just do the best we can at the given time and even if we make mistakes which cause heartache, worry and sadness in our lives, and in those around us, I guess we just need to have faith that everything has been pre-ordained....even the bad choices. God in his infallible and incomprehensible mercy and wisdom, knows us intimately, our past, present and future...he ensured the "you" would be created out of the zillions of little sperm...for reasons of His own....mistakes, weaknesses, blemishes and all. He alone knows the reason why we are called to endure.

The day after arriving here in CT, I learned that a long-time friend, who had just lost her teenage love and husband one and a half years ago, has now lost her eldest son to suiside. He was only 24. I phoned her not knowing what to say...what does one say to someone who has just experienced such a gut-wrenching loss yet again??? I sobbed over the phone..that was all that would come out. My heart is shattered at her loss and the seemingly sencelessness of it all.

There are so many hurts and worries and challenges that people close to me are experiencing. I am humbled by them all and am called to remember the transience of life, the importance of family and friends and the need for deep, unconditional love...given and recieved.
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