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Friday, October 8, 2010

Taking a break!

My husband and I decided to take some time-out. Our 'holliday' was pretty much cancelled when our daughter recently burned out her clutch and it needed replacing. Hellish expensive!!!

It was absolute bliss to get away for a few days. No work, no computers or phones, no oil paint, just time to catchup. Although we both love the Cape, we both find the bush in a way, more relaxing, as there seems to be little to distract you from just simply taking a breath!
Its alsmost asif, suddenly, you are 'hearing' the nothingness, you are seeing 'everything' and nothing else matters but the space that you're in..the openness, the sounds of birds and wildlife, running water. There's nothing more beautifull or precious than creation, in its raw and wild and cruel state.

I wipped out my fancy camera and took some very unspectacular photos, but they are non-the-less pictures of a wonderfull memory

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