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Thursday, October 21, 2010

New friends and strangers

The week in CT was great, although I missed my family so very much as usual, especially my darling Rob. I have been away from them for two weeks over the last two months and although as an artist who loves her quiet space, I know that as a woman, my family complete me in every way. They are my next breath and heart beat!!!

I spent some time with a good friend and my very precious sister, aunt and cousin. Lots of laughs, fantastic food, long chats till three in the morning. I met some lovely new friends and some interesting locals and maxed out our car rental milage.

Chatting to a fisherman with knarled hands and a heart for the local seals, I discovered that this community of fishermen, all have an interesting story to tell, if we just took the time listen! I ended up sitting with my legs dangling over the edge of a harbour wall, chatting to them and eventually trying like them, to feed the seals with my mouth (and yes...I did put a piece of dodgy fish between my teeth too....fortunately, I still have lips :o) )

The story he told was of a 'lanie' (rich white guy) accross the harbour who has been stealing and breeding baby seals for the tourist be used as shark lure sharks to a cage dive. The method used; cutting the seal pup and draging it behind the boat to attract the sharks. This is abhorrent!!!!! Apparently this poor fisherman's protests have fallen on deaf ears. I need to find someone who will listen to my storey now too!

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