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Friday, October 8, 2010

These are some of the close-ups which I got so excited about.....:o) (Just like a child finding its first toy in a lucky packet...for heaven sake!!!!).....they are rediculously ordinary. But I have one of those super-duper digital zooms which I think would eventually show up a split in a hair....just need to learn how to use it!!

This giraffe was cleaning its face after a delicious meal of teeny leaves and huge thorns. I took this one by knocking off Robs glases, standing on his chest and clamoring through the sky-roof. The big guy ended up staring at me with such disdain that I slithered back into the car only to have my husband look at me the same way!!!!
I love zebra. Their noisy communication is synanomous with the bush ....AND, other than elephants and water-buck, (and my son) they have the longest eye-lashes.
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