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Sunday, November 14, 2010

The inside and outside of paradise

My three precious children...Oh Lord, how I adore them. I have so much to be gratefull for so much to be thoughtfull of and so much to pray about. They argue like any young siblings, but they love each other dearly and will always be there for each other...I am praying especially for this, as life is such that your brothers and sisters are your closest and dearest friends.
The photos are of my three helping out with supper before the rain, the fantastic bath...a simple tin tub (and in my oppinion better than the most expensive, jaccuzzi, gadget-filled, fancy thingy-to-wash-yourself on the market) and a wonderfull idea on how to use your husbands old army pith-helmet, in fact, they used one for the basin too. Never spat toothpaste in a hat before :o) There was someones old army boot hanging above the bed, just for decoration...fortunately, he must have been fussy about his feet.

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