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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Orbs (no, really!) and Boot Camp

We decided to go away this weekend, as a family fairwell to our daughter, Bronwen.

I have been feeling pretty emotional about my daughter leaving on Wednesday and although I KNOW that she has her own life and own journey now, which is really, just beginning, and that we have prepared her for it as best we can as parents, its none-the-less a very hard throwing ones precious daughter into this crazy world with the attitude of 'there...its your's, go and take it" .
We went to the 'boot camp' part of a nature reserve/5 star caravan park which consisted of evenly spaced, fully equipped tent houses. It was in the middle of the reserve area with lots of zebra, wildebeest, impala, etc and lots of bird life, which weren't at all shy and which came pretty close to our tent.
We havent done much of this as a family for the past two or three years for various reasons, but we all had such a lovely time together. Saying this however, I couldn't shake the sadness around my heart at my daughters impending journey.
The three photos are of the tent house, the fantastic out-door shower (where my husband took lots of photos...) and a small and cozy boma just in front of the tent....But, take a look at that last photo carefully...there's a large and unexplainable white moving dot in orb????? What do you think?? hmmmmmmmmm........

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