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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Odds n ends

The last two weeks have been filled with decisions, anxieties, exciting events, exams and fortunately, painting.

Decisions: not to study for a BVA next year after all. I have three years left with my school-going son...precious years, which I want to be a part of. We may also, finally have an opportunity to travel a bit this comming year and exams and large art assignments will prevent this.. it is also 'our' time where we (my Rob and I) are healthy and able to do things we should. Lastly, I need to make a little money now. Its time to get serious. Art assignments will pretty much prevent me from doing that and hell, I'm not getting any younger. I wanna PLAY and EXPLORE and have fun with paint and clay and pencils..everything out there which could possibly be construed as "art"!!! ( Pfffffffftttt...did I say "money"???...since when does an artist make money??? :o) )

Anxieties, : My friend is gravely ill with cancer......there is nothing more to say on this.

On a lighter note however, my daughter is leaving next week on The Seabourn Oddysey. Shes working as a stewart but will be doing a world tour..Florida, Oz, NZ, Vietnam, Brazil, Philipines, Dubai, etc, etc ending up, I think, in Rome. My children havent been away from the homefires for longer than two this is soooooo hard. Saying that, I'm so proud of her and happy that she has this opportunity. She's a bright, hard-working, bubbly young woman and we love her dearly. Her exciting life's journey is just beginnning.

My aging parents are also off for three months to Madeira on Monday. to see my sister. :o) they're even taking their hangers .....and despite being told that my sister has 4 kids and LOADS of hangers, they refuse to take them out their suitcase......which they finished packing three weeks ago!! them to death!! Finally, exam time...two stressed young people at home at the moment...and me having to constantly crack the whip with one of them!!!

Painting....let me show you:

These three were 'throw-aways' which I've been playing with. Not my usual tight-assed style, but OBVIOUSLY I had fun 'amending' them a little

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